For decades, the majority of heating and cooling systems sold in the United States were of the typical whole-home variety. As energy efficiency becomes a bigger concern, however, ductless systems have been steadily gaining in popularity. Homeowners who install these systems are enjoying lower utility bills, more comfortable homes, and have a lower impact on the environment.

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Instead of having one monstrous air conditioner to cool the entire house, ductless systems use smaller units installed in each room or zone. Each unit is equipped with a thermostat, allowing the units to achieve the desired temperature without overcooling or overheating other areas of your house.

Standard heat pumps are primarily designed for cooling, but mini-split heat pumps also have a heating mode, allowing them to completely replace your furnace or boiler as well as your central air conditioner.


These multi-zone cooling and heating systems offer homeowners a wide range of benefits over traditional HVAC setups.

  • More Energy Efficient – By heating and cooling only when necessary, mini-split heat pumps can save a surprising amount of energy. This can not only reduce your utility bills dramatically, but will also reduce your environmental impact. These systems also eliminate the bulky ductwork – it’s estimated that traditional systems lose up to 40% of their efficiency through the ducts.
  • More Options – One of the coolest (pun intended) features of a mini-split heat pump system is the ability to heat or cool one room or area at a time. This allows you to not only save money by not cooling unoccupied rooms, but will also allow you to tailor each area to your comfort. You can even add a heater and air conditioner to your garage!
  • Cleaner Air – Those who suffer from indoor allergies can enjoy cleaner air by eliminating dirty ductwork. The ducts are notorious for accumulating dust and other allergens, and then spreading them throughout your home. These systems are no replacement for a HEPA filter, but they sure can help!
  • Quieter Performance – To compensate for poorly-balanced central HVAC systems, many people turn to window or through-wall air conditioners. However, these units are often very noisy. Mini-split heat pumps, on the other hand, typically offer superior performance, but with the noisy compressor housed outside.
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