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Air Conditioning Repair and Replacement Services

Summertime here in Hampton Roads can get warm and extremely humid. The heat can sometimes make our summers hard to bear. The last thing you want is to be stuck without a working AC system in your home when temperatures and humidity begin to rise. Fortunately, whether you’re facing a malfunctioning unit or seeking to upgrade for better performance, our team at Fusion Heating, Air & Insulation is ready to assist you with Air Conditioner Repair and Replacement Services.

Do You Need Air Conditioning Repair?

Some signs that you need to service or repair your AC include:

  • The unit blowing out air that isn’t cold
  • Increased energy bills
  • Weird sounds coming from the unit
  • Strange and strong smells

24/7 Emergency AC Repair in Hampton Roads

Backed by more than a decade of experience, our team offers emergency, 24/7 service to ensure that you receive the care you need whenever you need it most. It is our goal to provide the best possible experience so you can have a working AC. We aim to educate our customers about the problems they may experience with their AC and how to tell when repairs or services are needed.

Why Hire a Pro for AC Repair:

The main benefit of hiring our team members for an AC repair job rather than attempting it on your own or trusting an amateur handyman is that you’ll avoid damaging your AC unit. Without the right professional tools and expertise provided by a trained technician, you might end up doing more harm than good.

When You Need to Replace your Air Conditioning

If your system is suffering from frequent problems that require costly repairs, then it might make more economical sense to have it replaced rather than repaired.

It also might make more sense to invest in an AC replacement when your system is creeping up in years (they’re designed to last 10–15) and your next repair need is going to be pretty costly. We’re happy to work with you and help you determine what the best course of action might be for your particular system and needs. Reach out to us today!

Benefits of installing a new AC system include:

  • Savings on utility bills
  • Colder air in the home
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Increased comfort

Why Hire Our Team For Replacement:

  • Over 25 Years of Experience
  • One-Year Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Free One-Year Maintenance Agreement on Installations
  • Registration of your new equipment (10 year parts)


Why Trust Fusion?

More Than 25 Years of Experience
24-Hour Service
The Best Possible Products
One-Year Satisfaction Guarantee
Fully Licensed and Trained Technicians

Our Skilled Team Also Serves Norfolk & Chesapeake

Every FUSION technician on our team is fully licensed and insured, and with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on all services, we know that you will be happy you chose us to care for your heating and comfort needs. Our Hampton Roads Heating Repair Experts have the knowledge and ability to not only solve all comfort and energy efficiency problems, but also to explain the technology to you and your family so that you know exactly what system is in your home.

Call Us Anytime to Schedule Service, 24/7

Our company provides comprehensive heating service and repair in the communities of Virginia Beach, Portsmouth, Chesapeake, Norfolk, and Suffolk. We offer 24-hour service for your convenience and in case of an emergency, so don’t hesitate to call us any hour of the day or night. All equipment installed receives a free one-year maintenance agreement! When you feel stuck in a tough situation and you need heat repair or furnace repair, you can always count on us to get the job done right. Call (757) 938-6709 today.