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What is attic encapsulation?

Attic encapsulation is a system that seals and insulates your attic to control internal temperature and protect your home from extreme outside temperatures. This process can be completed using Spray Foam, Rigid Foam Board, or Dense Packed Cellulose insulation. Consequently, the thermal and air barrier of your home shifts from the floor of your attic to your roof deck. As a result, your attic becomes a controlled environment, suitable for storage, HVAC equipment, or even finishing to create a livable space.

So, why should you encapsulate your attic?
  • Insulating from the rafters creates a temperature and humidity-controlled storage space.
  • Controlling the space your HVAC lives in helps to reduce the loss of conditioned air making your home more comfortable.
  • Insulating from the rafters with Foam Board, Spray Foam, or Dense Packed Cellulose, can offer air sealing properties and keeps air from getting lost to the outside.

Before insulation, the sun heats up the roof, subsequently radiating heat into your attic. As a result, the ductwork inside your attic bakes, causing conditioned air to escape through leaks in the ducts. Furthermore, this heat radiates down into your living space, ultimately making your home hot and uncomfortable.

After insulation, the sun still heats the roof, but this heat no longer radiates into the attic and down into your home. Instead, the roof is vented with cool air, keeping the attic much cooler and making the temperatures in your living space more comfortable.

In winter, these conditions reverse. Heat escapes through the roof, replaced by cold air entering through the home’s foundation and other first-floor openings, making your home drafty.

Insulating from the attic rafters offers several benefits:
  • Reduces air leaks, humidity, and heat transfer from the attic to the rest of your home resulting in more even temperatures throughout your home.
  • Reducing air leaks, protecting HVAC equipment from extreme conditions, and controlling humidity reduces how often your HVAC runs, saving you on energy bills.
  • Extreme heat and cold affect the performance of your HVAC unit, making it work harder to keep up. Conditioning the space your HVAC lives in, protects it from extreme conditions and allows it to perform better.
  • An encapsulated attic provides a comfortable, controlled space that can be used for storage or converted into a livable space.

Insulating from the rafters is a permanent, one and done, solution that pays for itself in utility bill savings by cutting your heating and cooling bills by up to 25% on average (this varies based on your home and the work you have completed).

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