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Cell Spray Foam Insulation

Open Cell Spray Foam Insulation

Open-cell foam has lower R-value and higher permeability
As its name suggests, open-cell foam is made up of tiny bubbles that are interconnected. The bubbles hold air, which provides insulation value – typically between R-3.5 and R-4 per in.

Like closed-cell foam, open-cell foam expands to fill gaps and cracks as soon as it’s applied. But instead of curing to a hard, smooth-surfaced mass, open-cell foam has a spongier feel. And like a sponge, it will absorb moisture. Since insulation loses R-value when wet, it’s not advisable to use open-cell spray foam in damp environments like basements and crawl spaces. It can be sprayed between rafters or studs, but its low R-value won’t provide much total insulation value in a confined space. Open-cell foam is usually less expensive to install that closed-cell foam.

However, open-cell spray foam isn’t as water resistant as closed-cell. The lighter quality of this foam provides less support for walls, is permeable to vapor and air, and will lower noise frequency ranges.

Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation

Closed-cell polyurethane spray foam is known to be the most common of the two. It’s considered a “closed” cell due to its high R-value. The R-value is the material’s capacity to insulate and resist heat flow. The higher the R-value results in greater insulation. Due to its high resistance, closed-cell spray foams can help resist water from seeping into the insulation, which creates moisture build-up. Moisture build-up will promote bacterial and mold growth, something you do not want inside your walls.

Since closed-cell spray foam is a denser material, it is meant to insulate buildings and appliances. It helps to insulate the air within (and outside) of the insulated object, prevents mold growth, and can even strengthen the wall.

Open-cell foam insulation
Closed-cell foam insulation

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